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Dash is relaxed and easy-going; unpretentious and simply in search of a good time. Dash has a cheeky charm and the looks to match (with the low profile tyres and coloured wheels) but is honest and sincere.

"As Michael Jordan says, 'Just Play. Have fun. Enjoy the game.'" - Dash

Why do parents love Dash so much?

• Lightweight aluminium frame - easy to carry
• Super smooth sealed bearings
• Unique PU rubber tyres, no air required!
• Stylish plastic wheels
• Quality rubber grips with end bumpers
• Adjustable handle bars
• Quick release seat clamp
• Super low step over for beginners
• 3.2kg

• Ages 2 +

Size specifications:

• The full length of Dash (from back to front wheel) is 82cm
• The minimum seat height is 28cm with a maximum of 40cm
• The minimum handlebar height is 49cm with a maximum of 56cm




Frankie has a real sense of style and loves to highlight the trend-setting single fork and rear. Frankie likes the limelight with awe-inspiring designer features and quality finishes yet isn’t afraid to get dirty. With pneumatic tyres, all terrains can be Frankie’s playground as well as making a more absorbent, comfortable ride.
“Some say I like to cruise but I really like going fast too” - Frankie
• Super smooth sealed bearings 
• Lightweight aluminium frame
• Quality rubber grips
• Pneumatic rubber tyres
• Clamp on head stem
• Unique single fork design
• 3.2kgs
• Ages 2 +


Size specifications:

• The full length of Frankie (from back to front wheel) is 83cm
• The minimum seat height is 30cm with a maximum of 40cm
• The handlebar height is 48cm