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How to make driveway bike riding more fun for kids

Keeping your kids close to home is a priority for many parents, but sometimes it’s difficult to keep them entertained all the time! If your kids love playing on their bikes, then you have double the trouble because they will quickly become bored just cycling up and down the driveway for more than 5 minutes. If this problem resonates with you, here are six ways you can keep your kids entertained riding their bikes at home.

1.    Create a bike obstacle course

Simply place flower pots, cardboard boxes or even old milk cartons in the driveway to act as obstacles along a route that you have outlined in chalk. As the kids safely negotiate the course, you can tighten the corners to really test your kid’s skill and even have a competition for the best speed over the course.

2.    Setup a fun bike wash

You will need a free standing laundry airer that allows the kids to ride their bikes underneath, otherwise you can just use a sprinkler set up in the driveway. If you have an airer, then attach a piece of old hose along the underside of the horizontal hanger, drill holes every 2 cm along the hose, attach one end to a garden hose and the other to a spray gun (to prevent the water shooting out the end of the pipe). Turn the hose on and the water will shoot out the holes and spray all over the kids as they ride back and forth underneath squealing with delight!

kids bike car wash

3.    Hold a slow riding competition

This activity is a great way to help your kids learn to balance on their bikes. Your kids will need to follow a course along your driveway, but as slowly as possible and without putting their feet on the ground. Whoever completes the course in the slowest time wins!

balance bike in driveway

4.    Encourage bike safety and make it fun

Chalk out a route that includes right and left turns, as well as stop signs and give way signs with solid and dashed lines on the driveway. This will help your kids to learn about road safety and help them with their arm signals when they are making the turns.

5.    Make a jump ramp

All you need is a couple of pieces of wood lent against one another to make a small ramp for the kids and you can even add it to the end of the obstacle course for extra fun for the kids. It’s not only fun however, because safely negotiating these ramps helps your kids to increase their confidence in their bike riding abilities.

6.    Pimp that ride

For brand new bikes you will most probably want to keep the bling to ribbons and washable paint, but for old or second hand bikes you might be happy to let the kids go crazy with their imagination. Pimping their rides can give your kids a renewed interest in their bikes and give their bikes a new lease on life, which is particularly useful when buying a new bike is not something that you can afford right now.

These fun bike activities will not only improve your kid’s riding skills, but they will also keep them safely on your driveway and under your discerning eye.